Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spare Time = Beads

Do you find yourself with 10 minutes waiting to pick the kids up, or 5 minutes till supper is ready?
I find I have lots of 'little minutes' in a day.  I can't start anything big, or I am not near my studio, so what can I do?

I found a little purse and put in  a few strips of fancy paper, a tube of glue and a small straw.  Now when I go anywhere or am stuck waiting, I take this with me and make paper beads.  

I may turn it into a necklace or use to adorn an art quilt.   Regardless, my time is not wasted and I am doing artsy stuff!


Mama Pea said...

Very cute! Those will be fun to play with!

Johanna said...

Very clever way to spend those extra minutes! And a cute one, too :)