Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Recycled Christmas

Several of my children's presents this year have come from a second hand store in the nearest city to us.
I admit, it is a gamble when you buy an electronic device and don't know if it is going to work when you get it home. But I have not been disappointed yet. Last year I purchased two keyboards for $7 each and they both still play with them. I recently came across one in a store and it retailed for $40.

This year, one of them is getting an electric guitar that I picked up for $6 and it works great. I priced a similar one out in a catalogue for $35.

Most of their clothes are either purchased second hand, hand me downs, or made by my mom. Very rarely do they get new clothing.

And no, it is not just them. My clothing is either made by myself or purchased at the second hand store or the local church rummage sale. I used to just have 2-3 pairs of jeans, but now I have several more, as I only pay between $1-$7 for them.

It is nice to reuse, plus the kids get a few more gifts with the money I saved. And they do love opening presents!

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