Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hexie Happiness

Summer is for fun in our family. We take extra long weekends, spend it at the beach, at the farm and visiting relatives near and far and having a good time with each other. This relaxed enjoyment roles right into my quilting!

This summer I decided to just goof around with my quilting, not try and make a quilt for competition, but to just have fun, not worrying about 'finishing a quilt' but making samples and playing.

Where did that bring me? Well, with nothing in mind, I simply started making hexies. Probably because I can take them wherever I am with the kids. Plus I use my one minute hexie making tutorial you can find here on youtube. I use a simple circle and fold and tack as I go to create my fast hexies.

I started playing with different sized circles which made different sized hexies.

I absolutely love hanging my quilt projects on my grandparents barns. They are old and grey and so full of memories that my heart bursts being able to put my work on them. 

I have also been playing with creating fun sayings that help motivate me. 

What are you working on this summer?


Kate said...

The different sized hexies stacked on top of each other gave me an idea for an embellishment for something or other - thank you! Good on you for enjoying summer.

Kat said...

looks great

CraftyViolet said...

I just finished a quilt for my daughter using a Nightmare Before Christmas panel - her favourite movie. I also used the leftover bits to make a matching pillow case she can store it in when not being used. This week I made 56 string blocks that will likely go to our quilt guild to be finished and donated to someone in need of comforting. We make comfort quilts for ChildCan in London so every child diagnosed with cancer gets a quilt; plus we donate them to the hospital; the emergency responders carry some in their vehicles and we give them out to local residents. I'm always busy making quilts and if I'm not I'm still making my hand crafted cards and scrapbooking and posting them on my blog.
Enjoy the summer.