Monday, July 24, 2017

Quilt Canada 2017

Quilt Canada 2017 wrapped up mid June in Canada.  It is the nation's premiere quilting event with workshops, lectures and most importantly the National Juried Show!

I had the privilege, once again, of being a finalist in the show with my quilt 'Fractured'.

My artist statement is:

This quilt almost put itself together. It is called Fractured because life is beautiful—full of colour, wonder and love. When tragedy happens your world is shattered; sending the beauty into a million pieces. You are in darkness. The life and colour is there, but you have to find it and put it back together, piece by piece.

What isn't told in the statement, is it is a reflection of my life after my father died suddenly and unexpected a year ago. Only those that knew me well at the conference understood what the statement meant.  

If you want to see the amazing winning quilts, go here. To see all the quilts that were finalists in the show go here

I also had the privilege of giving tours of the National Juried Show for the second year in a row. It was so much fun talking about the quilts and the artists! What made it really special is my first tour had a group right from Holland!  They loved it so much, they came back and gave me these adorable Dutch shoes.  

One night while waiting for a lecture, 2 other quilters and I were laughing so hard we were crying! That is so typical of all the conferences I have been to, that you have such a good time with quilters you are in hysterics.  It was amazing to see so many old friends I have met over the years. It was definitely a conference to remember, thanks to the wonderful quilters that have become a part of my life. 

For now, I am working on some things that I can't show just yet, but soon!

Enjoy the summer=)

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Gene Black said...

The shading of the "background" coloring and the sizing of the strips make this seem to be 3D. It appears to have sections that move back and forward.