Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Published! I Love House Blocks

What an absolute delight to see my sweet house quilt in Martingale Publishing's newest book, 'I Love House Blocks'.

When I created mine, I wanted a modern look yet still have fun with it. 
It is made with 2 blocks that I called 'fat and skinny houses'.   My kids loved seeing what color combinations I would come up with and where I would put them on the quilt. 
It is called 'Village On A Hill'. 

Here are a sampling of a few of the other quilts in this book, and they are all wonderful!

My Hometown by Christa Watson

Home Is Where The Heart Is by Melissa Corry

Four Generations by Amanda Niederhauser

A giveaway will be taking place on the Martingale blog today, and if you go to my facebook page, I will also be giving away one of the books. 


Rosa said...

Great news, congratulations!

Kat Tucker said...

Love it!

Carla said...

Congratulations on your fun quilt!