Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goodbye May and June! Now onto quilting

I can't believe how time has just flown by! And life is full of surprises and unexpected events.
In May, there was a very unexpected death in the family and that shook life up to never quite be the same again. But I think that is one of those things apparently we have to go through, get through and somehow move on.

But this blog is not to make you sad.   June came in like a hurricane as it was all prep for Quilt Canada! Our national conference in which I got to play a small part in.  Up to it, my stomach was butterflies as I had some incredible opportunities to speak in front of quilters and of course was nervous.  

Quilt Canada arrived and it was unreal!   Literally. I designed and with the help of a great friend, set up our booth.  It won Best Booth award!  Ok, there wasn't really an award, but I know if there was an award it would have won!

 I used my Accquilt to cut out the circles... but still there are over 1,000 and I then had to glue and pin all those circles on! But really it is circles and I fell in love with it. 

See those cute lollipops out of pool noodles? Oh it was just the most delightful booth ever! Lots of people even took their picture in front of the circle heart! 

This quilt below is by Helen Fujiki and it won Best of Show.  All the winners are here

 Cinzia Allocca won an award with this fabulous black and white quilt!

Leanne Chahley also won an award with her fantastic blue circle quilt!

 I gave ten tours of the National Juried Show over the four days. One day had four tours, three of them back to back and 45 minutes in length.  It was tiring but it was so exhilarating being able to educate quilters on our National Juried Show and talk about how hard the judges work and the difficult decisions they have to make. 

I even lucked out and got to emcee the Juried Show awards night! Not the best pic of me but just wanted to show you that I was right up there where the action was! Really the best place to be when big awards are being given out! And it was a super fancy microphone, and the place was packed! Like standing room only! There is a chance it was because they wanted to see who won, but I secretly think they came to see me speak.   (totally joking!)

On the last day of show, the editors from 'A Needle Pulling Thread' give me the latest edition of the magazine.  Guess whose quilt that is?  Okay, did you guess me?  Yeppers, my quilt is right smack in the mag!

After two days of early bedtimes I think I am ready to head back into my studio and get quilting!

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