Monday, May 18, 2015

To Quilt Market and Back

The joys of quilt market far outweigh the waiting in airports, the 2 hour drive each way just to get to the airport, the mounds of unpacking and laundry and exhaustion... because seeing amazing friends and gorgeous quilts surpassed all of that!

Quilt market in Minneapolis was a complete blast.  I stayed with the best roomies a girl could ask for. Sample spree was fantastic, the quilts at market were stunning and the people I met for the first time or got reacquainted with made the memories wonderful.

Want to see some of my favourites?

The lion at the Michael Miller booth was incredible.

This quilt had hundreds of crystals all over it and sparkled as you walked by it.

Loving all these circles!

This dress was at Riley Blake's booth and was my favourite..simply gorgeous!

My favourite designer Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish introduced her new line 'La Vie Boheme'. She is on the left with my favourite jeweller Missy on the right.

look at the cute quilt with fabric envelopes to leave notes in.

Another one of Amanda's amazing quilt designs.

This one was all made from wool. 

What a treat, I walked around the corner and there was the legend Eleanor Burns!

 Michael Miller had a wall of flowers. 

363 days till next spring market.....


Unknown said...

Beautiful works of art

Gene Black said...

Wow - a lot of fun to see there apparently.

CraftyViolet said...

Awesome quilts. When I saw the first few quilts you posted (the lion is really awesome) I had to laugh because I just posted a story about a "bad decision" quilt on my blog. Oh my. Some people are quilters some of us just well, we try out best!