Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Are you familiar with Pantone?  Each year they pick a colour that is to be the signature colour for that year.   This is the colour for 2014.

radiant orchid pantone

Just for fun I took my quilt and uploaded it into Chip It!, the website that turns any picture into a palette and gives you 'chips' of all the colours in your quilt, to see if I had any orchid.  I am close with the purple I have on the left of the quilt.

This is really helpful if you have a print fabric and want to pull out the colours in it to correspond.  Sometimes it is hard to see what is in there.   Or the same with a photograph.  You just upload the picture and it pulls out the colours for you.

The quilt above just got accepted into the AQS Lancaster show=)   Go and have a try with Chip It!, bet you can't stop with one picture=)


Eileen said...

Jackie this is too exciting. I look forward to trying it and sharing the site with my quilt group.

Jacque said...

That is so cool! And I love your quilt! Gorgeous!

Rolanda said...

Not my colour but the whole concept is neat. Love your quilt but purple isn't something I work with a lot.