Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Little About Life and A Little About Quilting

Inhale deep breath.... here goes.  Do you ever have self doubt?   Do you ever wonder how you can get it all done?  And done well?

If you answered no, then please skip this post and come back another day=)   If not, thanks for being honest... me too.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed and happened to take a flip through my facebook page and found this completely amazing link.  It is how to turn the negative into the positive.   IT is so inspirational...   please watch it, the length is 11 minutes but it will just fly by.  

After watching that, I felt so empowered... love when you get that feeling from a speech, or words in a book, or a great video.  

I have been quilting up a bed runner and just finished the quilting.   The binding is next and then I get to 3D embellish it!   Love that part.

I did sections of colours in the quilting that corresponded with the colours in the quilt.   Sometimes I get bored if I quilt with all the same colour.

Okay, now go and watch that video!  


Gene Black said...

thanks for sharing the video! I want to watch it all later. But WOW...I love the attitude. Somehow we should raise all kids that way.

Dana Gaffney said...

You're right, the video flies by and is amazing, thanks so much for the link. I love how you did the quilting too.

Jacque said...

Super video! And I am in love with your colors there....take care, my friend, and stay warm!

Karen said...

Thank you for the connection to the video it was great.
Enjoyed the quilts too.

sandra said...

A very beautiful video having a grandson who is blind but to me he is beautiful and it always shocks me at how much people stare at him. Adults are worse then children.
Thank you for drawing our attention to it. Blessings Sandra

Margaret said...

I just realized that looking at your tutorials I used one of them for my most recent baby quilt. So, when you'e feeling uninspired, remember that you inspire others!