Monday, July 15, 2013

Try and Try Again

I have a fun new ruler to play with!  Amanda of The Quilted Fish has created this great new ruler to make diamonds.  And make diamonds it does.  Look at this amazing pattern  she has for sale, using her fancy diamond ruler.

This is what the ruler looks like.

Amanda's Design Team is busy working on tutorials to show you just how easy and fun it is to use this ruler.   I did some experimenting today.   Of course, I couldn't just leave the diamonds alone, had to try and make it into a rectangle.   This was one of my attempts.  Notice the very crooked lines on top and bottom!  

I made a lot of this, in several attempts to create a rectangle=)  

 Finally success, a perfect rectangle.   Oh, it is going to look amazing when done!  I have to tweak it a bit more before turning it into a fun tutorial.   I believe we are set to debut them in August, so stay tuned.

Okay, this last part is not bragging, even though it is totally going to come across like it is.    You guys are my quilting buddies, so I feel you would share in my excitement=)   I got this in the mail last week.

My very own business cards. I only ordered a few because honestly what am I going to do with them?   I figured it might be slightly lame if I photo transferred them onto fabric and made a full length coat out of them.  Wouldn't that be funny if I did and then entered it into the Wearable Category in our National Juried Show?   That would be hysterical.   To me anyway=)  

 I hope I can make the Association proud.  I have a couple of goals while I am on the Board of Directors.  One is stupid ginormously crazy big.   I will certainly work hard and try my best at it.  Time will tell.  


Dana Gaffney said...

I'm so drawn to diamonds, the fabric kind, and I'm playing with them like you did, you give me hope :)
Congratulations! Carry the cards and you'll end up giving them out, very impressive!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I am fascinated with triangles right now too! Can't wait to see what you have planned here....and if Imcan do it ..LOL!

p.s. I think the coat would be hilarious too!

CraftyViolet said...

I like what you did with the triangle - that could become addictive!

Congrats on the position. I would imagine anything you think up will be great fun.

sandra said...

Interesting!! I will look forward to seeing what you come up with. You have had a very rewarding year well deserved,congratulations on everything you have accomplished.

Rolanda said...

I am so curious about the diamond ruler. I could have fun with Love the business cards, Madam VP.

Mama Pea said...

You're going to do so great in that role. I gotta get playing with my ruler. Been too busy! Love where you are heading!

Monica said...

Congratulations on your new business cards, and good for you for taking on that job! I imagine it keeps you busy. :D

So far I am liking everything I see with the Riley Blake name on it, and these diamonds are no exception!

Linda said...

Congrats on your new status Jackie! I am sure you will be a terrific VP! Way to go!
P.S Love the business cards.

Kat said...

Alright, a new tool! Will have to get one to experiment with.
Congrats and look forward to your 'stupid huge ... like ginormously crazy big' goal.

Kat said...

Alright, a new tool! Will have to get one to experiment with.
Congrats and look forward to your 'stupid huge ... like ginormously crazy big' goal.