Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's All About Me=)

I am joking with that title.. really.  
After my ten days of travel I am still trying to get my head out of the clouds and focus on a few tight deadlines.   In the meantime, I have some fun photos to show you.

Remember my Diva coat?   The other two Board members also made Diva coats and during the national conference, we proudly strutted our stuff.  I have never had so many people ask to take a picture of my behind.   I have to tell you this, one gentleman asked that question, and I smiled at him and said, 'Did you want me to lift the coat up or leave it down?'   His face turned so red, but it really was funny!

This is Laine and I.  She did hers all in thread outlines, it was very classy.  I took all the class right out of mine.  Much like the maker=)

Here is me, Laine and Judy...  without knowing both Judy and I did a polka dot binding.   

Laine and I got into the National Juried Show after the awards ceremony, (no, I didn't win one, as per usual=).  Here is me with my 2, I repeat 2 quilts that were juried in.

You can see the amazing winners here.

And here is some super duper exciting news.   My picture is on eQuilter... Luana Rubin's blog!   You only have to read the first paragraph. Please you must go and check it out.  Go right now=)

And lastly, at the end of the conference they have a banquet, and at the banquet they had a young Elvis impersonator.   Yes, that is me having him wrap a red scarf around my neck and giving me a kiss on my cheek.   I don't know which was redder, my face or the scarf!

Since I started my blog, I have lamented frequently about two things on my bucket list.   I stroked one off today.   I will post about it shortly, but here is a hint....  it is in the right side bar. If you didn't figure it out, then either check back in a day or two, or open your windows because I am shouting it out from the rooftops!


Gene Black said...

A huge congrats on having not just one but TWO quilts juried into the show.

jlk said...

I love the photo of your backside. Sexy beast.

Jacque said...

Congratulations on two quilts in the show! And I think your story of the gentleman who wanted to take a photo is so cute! Love all three of the divas...

Rolanda said...

I love the diva coat. It is so And to have 2 quilts in the National Show is amazing.

CraftyViolet said...

Congratulations. I love your Diva coat! I laughed out loud when I read what you said to embarrass that man. Too funny. I do believe I know what your surprise is - you made it into Quilting Arts!! Right?

Here's a question for you. I just finished making a quilt for my grandson and I wanted to do a train all along the borders. I used Johnny Sew's iron on paper and I cannot get it to release along the stitching. Horrible! Joe even washed it for me and some came out but not all. I can only pick at so much without picking out the stitches. Any suggestions? I'll never use that product again.

sandra said...

Congratulations on getting the two wonderful quilts in the juried show, one more thing off the bucket list. Loved your Diva Coat

Mama Pea said...

You are so awesome. Your diva coat is great (and you wear it very well, my dear). Your hair has gotten so long! Cute! Congrats on everything. I'm so happy for you!