Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catching Up

I have been out of town for 10 days in beautiful Penticton British Columbia for our annual national quilt conference, put on by the Canadian Quilters' Association.

While I was gone, had an exciting email.   Pellon is launching a new product in Jo-Ann's craft stores and sent me the following message:

Jo-Ann wanted to feature projects on the packaging ... we chose to showcase a variety of projects that were made using Peltex®.  I'm happy to report that  one of your projects was selected to be on the packaging. This also means that the project title and your name will be listed on the packaging.

This is the project, Cup O' Tea.  You can find the tutorial here.


I also managed to sneak away and do a few wine tours.

Now Quilt Market was on the same weekend as our national conference.   Don't even ask how sad I was that I had to miss market!

But one of my quilts was in the super awesome Amanda Herring's booth - The Quilted Fish.  By the way, her booth won 2nd place for the Booth Awards!   ( I like to think my quilt helped=)  heehee

Here is her booth:

And here is my quilt in there:

Thank you Sally for the great pics! Amanda's design team all made mini modern quilts for her to hang in her booth.  We are all posting tutorials on May 29th of our projects, so stay tuned!


Mama Pea said...

You look awesome in wine country! Love it! I am so excited your project was chosen for that Pellon thing! Lovely! Congrats!

Kat said...

Where's the quilt? Front and center! ;O

What Comes Next? said...

wow! that is exciting news! congratulations! and your quilt looks great - of course it was your quilt that cinched it with the judges...

jlk said...

Your hair is so long! I love it. You look like a hot mama. And of course our quilts were deciding factors ;)

Rolanda said...

Holy cow. You are so everywhere...lol. Congrats on the tea cup packaging.