Friday, May 3, 2013

Funky Friday #2

Look at this, I am starting a series!

This week was insane.   Literally.   Not even a joke.   But it kept on going and now we are at our second ever Funky Friday and I have something fun to show you.  

Remember this:
It is looking kinda flat and lifeless.   I used my magic wand and voila... look at it now!
I see that I better centre it a bit better, or maybe throw a few 3D butterflies flitting around in those corners.  

Disclaimer:  I don't really have a magic wand, in case you were wondering.

I love taking side shots of my quilts, they just show all that dimension.  

Here are the little petals going into the middle of this quilt:

This is for a class I teach on 3D quilts.   Trying out a new pattern.  

How is that for a Funky Friday feature?  I am even going to link up with Nina Marie.  


Sylvia said...

Nice! It is a funky friday!

jlk said...

You make those flower petals like a boss.

CraftyViolet said...

Big improvement for sure! No creating for me this Funky Friday. We spent the day looking for the migratory birds at Rondeau. Too nice to stay in, even to quilt.

Madame Samm said...

ohhh that is cool ....and we came up with a name....btw
in the round. wink

Lauren M. said...

I can see these in different sizes on a background - exciting wall art!

Jennifer Houlden said...

Oh very very cool indeed, I love how that is turning out!

Rolanda said...

I love the blues....I'm such a sucker for blue fabric. I can't wait to see it finished..