Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catching Up, A Winner, and a Funny Story

First up the winner of the ebook is Rolanda:

Blogger Rolanda said...
I really admire anyone that can thread paint. The time I tried it, it was horrible. I had to toss it and didn't start over. Maybe I need better instructions?

I have been whining  tolerating a cold all week that has basically left my brain in a fog.  Not a good thing when trying to meet deadlines!
Thankfully I think I am on the downhill run now.

Take a look at this luscious fabric by Riley Blake Fabrics!  It is called 'Serenata'.   LOVE this company to bits.  Seriously they are the best!   This is not quite the whole collection.   There are a few fat quarters missing from it, for a secret mission.  

 Now what fun things can I create with the rest of it?   I am thinking something a little 3D with a shot of modern?  

In the meantime, I got this fantastic iron on book from my dear friend RT.   I just had to try it out.  I have a plain grey pair of capris.  I was contemplating putting jumbo ric rac on the bottom, but wondered if that was bordering on 'crafty crazy' and not just crafty?   Instead I tried one of the iron on patterns on the cuff of the capris.

What do you think?  Cute?   Crazy?   Quilters will run in the other direction?

I have a bucket list.  Most of it is quilt related.   Okay, all of it is.   I have been getting it done, slowly but surely.   Last year I stroked a big one off-going to a Quilt Market.   That still seems surreal to me.   Another one, as you probably know is getting a quilt accepted into the IQA Houston show.   About as many times as I have entered Houston, I have sent submissions into Quilting Arts magazine.   I won't tell you how many submissions I have sent, because you might tell me to give up.   Anyway, this is the second time this has happened to me.  I send in a submission, tell them why I like their magazine, and bam..... the next magazine has my quote in it.   See the middle column below, that says 'I am a 3D art quilter'....yep, that's me.   

I refuse to tell myself that this is as close to getting published in this magazine as I am going to get.  I wonder if after so many submission, you get a pity acceptance?   Probably not, but one can hope=)


Rolanda said...

I won! Thnks so much. I'm going to try threadpainting again as soon as I get my machine tuned up, so I can't blame my failures on it. ;) Love the iron on. You will have fun with that..

Gene Black said...

The iron ons look like fun...but I probably wouldn't use them for quilting.

jlk said...

Do not put ric rac on your pants. Just don't.

Janet said...

I think you're a pretty inspired person ... if you keep entering you ARE going to get accepted one of these days. And who cares if it is "crafty crazy" as long as you like it. :)

Snoodles said...

I think instead of running, some quilters might be interested in your apparel art and ask you about it! I love it! Hey, your comment getting published is better than I've ever done! Heehee!

mysweetprairie said...

awe. Try ANPT! or Quilter's Connection! : ) Easier odds when you consider the population.


Mama Pea said...

Puh-lease! You are so published and will continue to be.