Monday, March 25, 2013

A New Week, A New Skirt

I have an obsession... okay, let's be honest I have a few - buttons, ric rac, 3D quilts ....   And we won't even go near the ones with food=)

Remember I said I was making a couple of skirts for some upcoming travelling I have to do this spring/fall?   I couldn't help myself, I had to make another one.    Seriously, I really don't know why more people aren't using their funky cottons and making wearable art.

You know how modern quilting is the 'in' quilting right now?  Well, I am trying to keep up and thought if I am going to make modern quilts, why not wear the 'modern quilt'?  I had some fun modern fabric and used it to turn into a skirt.   What do you think?
I know, it needs to be ironed... and I couldn't model it because my legs are as white as the fabric, and that is just not a pretty sight=)

Here are the two I made last week.

And tell me how fun of a gift this was to open?  Only if you love embellishing.   And I got two containers of vintage buttons... some are over 80 years old!

I am playing with some new blocks and will show them to you tomorrow.  Stay tuned=)


Kat said...

Are any of these the Quilt Diva attire for Penticton? ;o)

Kitchener Quilter said...

Very cute skirts, easy to make, easy to wear. I'm sure you'll get a few comments when you wear them.

Rolanda said...

Very cute skirts. I love old buttons. I have a box full from my grandmother. Always fun to "paw" through.

Jacque said...

Those skirts are adorable! You're right, there are so many fabrics now that are perfect for apparel....oh, I'm drooling now over those buttons. Love, love vintage buttons! Have fun!

Marti said...

Lucky you to receive a box of buttons!

Mama Pea said...

Love your skirts. I wish I could wear skirts. They look so bad on me. My legs suck. I want to see these on you!

Love your buttons. How cool!