Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New 3D Embellishments

Are you like me in the fact that Christmas has you baking, cleaning, procrastinating on said baking and cleaning, so when you hit your studio, you just want to hide?  I can't get into any big projects in December, it is too mind boggling for me.  

Instead I decided it was a good time to create some new 3D embellishments for my art quilt that is still a work of progress.

Here is what I came up with.  This little flower used scraps of fabric from my Modern Quilt.

I think one of my favourite items to use when making embellishments is ric rac.   I took 2 different colours and wound them together, stitched that down, rolled it up and peeled back the layers.   For the yellow and grey one, I also wound some pink lace around the ric rac to add a bit more colour.

Now I am off to make more 3D flowers!


sandra said...

Very cute and original Jackie I love looking at all the embellishments.I have been watching your blog but so busy these days not able to take time to leave you a comment. Blessings Sandra

Kate said...

They're beautiful.

Snoodles said...

I love these! I think the pink and red one is my fav, but they're all great....whatcha going to do with 'em? :)