Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilt Market - Take 3

I am going to show you some fantastic fabric designers that were sweet enough to pose with me.   Above is Carina Gardner, a most amazing designer for Riley Blake Fabrics.

 This is the most beautiful Amy Butler.   What is more wonderful is that she is so down to earth, humble and sincere that it is quite unbelievable.
This is Patty Young.   She was delightful and fun to talk to.   She is such a snappy dresser too!   And she has an accent... I told her that did not come across in her blog posts=)

Now the design team of The Quilted Fish all got matching shoes made in the new line of fabric Amanda was releasing, Apple of My Eye.  On the heel you could pick a word, so I picked Canadian.  The team was so thrilled to have  real life Canuck with them at market, and I never got teased once.  Ya right!

Here is the book Amanda released at market, with patterns from her and the design team (including me=)
 This is the cover and the box pattern Amanda made, inside has 2 more layers of boxes!
This is a sweet quilt made by Brooke.

 Jana made this quilt and on the back is a place for feet warmers.  She is just so clever!
Lastly is my necklace.  Sigh


Brooke said...

you rock!!! Thanks so much for including my quilt pic!!! I had such a grand time hangin' with you!!

Vesuviusmama said...

I saw a photo of this necklace on another blog recently - love it!

Anonymous said...

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Rolanda said...

That necklace it soo cute. I'll have to look for the book ;).

Snoodles said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all! Love the shoes! LOL Now, where will I find that book.....(running off to search)

Miss McD said...

Jackie, you know, I just had the greatest idea that you should definitely pass on to your Riley Blake fabric friends... A great promotional idea for the new Love Apples line would be to give all quilt-a-holics who recently married into the new, apple-related, last name "McIntosh", some sort of freebie from the line. Yep... best marketing idea ever. I think I can give them at least one contact that would fall into that category... if need be. hehe