Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quilt Market - Take 1

I was able to be there for both set up and take down of quilt market.  Set up took a day and a half, and take down took 30 minutes, and then a 2 hour wait for the crate to be delivered and 30 minutes of packing it up.   Why don't things ever go back in how they came out?  LOL
Here is Amanda, the uber awesome fabric designer of The Quilted Fish and her bestie Kayce.  They are just about to open the crate that contains everything to set up the booth, well almost everything!

These next pics are of us doing set up.
This is the super hilarious Jana getting stuff ready for School house... a 30 minute session where Amanda shows and discusses her new line of fabric and new patterns and book.

This is Amanda and Robbie.
Look what I found in the crate!   Now couldn't I have fun embellishing with them?

Here are Candice and I prepping the walls.   Candice comes across as really quiet... but wow, can she talk!
This is me arriving at Quilt Market... kind of nice it is blurry so you don't have to think I am a big lame-o for having tears about to spill out.

Here is the booth finished.   This is Kayce and Jana in front of the table where we taught my fabric necklace all weekend long!   Even the Fat Quarter Shop girls blogged and tweeted about it!   It is one of the patterns in Amanda's newly released book.  (not too excited about that!)  She is mailing out our copies, she sold out at market, that is why I have no pictures for you.

These next pictures are of her booth all set up.  Honestly it was one of the best booths there! And that quilt 'Apple of My Eye' is my most favourite quilt pattern.

You can see my fabric necklace in the red frame.

Here is what made the market so memorable.   This is most of the design team!   From left to right is Robbie, me, Jana, Amanda, Kayce, Brooke, Candice and Stephanie.   These girls rocked!

Next post I will show you some other booths and some fabric designers too!  So stay tuned.


Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

holding back the tears... lol You are so funny! : ) And... ARE THOSE BUTTONS!???

wow FUN!

Our biennial show has 500 entries & dozens of vendors. It always blows me away - 2 hrs to set up, and 26 minutes take down. It is unreal.

So happy for you!!

And now... off to Halifax for the NJS?

: )
sewing in Saskatoon

sandra said...

Wow so much fun, I am so happy for you and I will just enjoy all of your pictures and tell everyone I know someone who went to quilt market. Now off to your next adventure.

Rolanda said...

What an adventure!

Brooke said...

love reading your story!!! It was the most amazing time!!! I miss you already so very much!!!

Linda said...

How wonderful to be so young and having so much fun at quilting! Good pics.

Mama Pea said...

Great pix!! It was so much fun!