Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lace on My Art Quilt and a Vote

Who knew lace could be so versatile in art quilts?   It covered my rather harsh black and white background and made it more muted and soft.   I am discovering that it due to its light airy texture, it gathers nicely.   I am making more 3D flowers but felt they needed something behind them.  I took some funky yarn and stitched it onto some 5" wide lace and gathered that into a circle and voila!   I have a lovely backdrop for my flower to rest on.   It gives the flower some body yet still blends in and doesn't take away from it.

I am auditioning some jumbo ric rac as stems.

Also have two more 3D flowers on the go to get attached to a background.

And some of my hand dyed fabric ironed, cut and folded.

Can you tell I am prepping for a workshop?   Better get back to work, have some busy months coming up!

Sew Cal Gal has the 2012 Golden Quilters Awards up now till March 31st.   You can vote for the best of the best in the quilting world.   (and I even know a super star on the list=)  When you get to the best online quilt store, be sure to check off The Intrepid Thread, because it really is.  Julie always has coupons for saving money, her sales are ridiculously crazy, and she has giveaways every single week.   Ok, I should put in a disclaimer, so no one gets upset, I am sure the other online stores are good too, but Intrepid Thread is really super=)


Brooke said...

oh my so lovely!!! Great eye candy, makes me want to come to your class!!!!

Mama Pea said...

Oh, that bin of hand dyes looks so beautiful. Can I come to the class, too?

Rolanda said...

The lace makes it different. Interesting with the flowers. Can't wait to see it finished.