Monday, October 31, 2011

Giveaway Winner and the Best Picture

The results are in... this one was so funny.  I do the random number generator and then I start counting.  I loved the results this time, it was #1.  How easy is that?

Blogger Lynn said...

I love a good mystery! I'm a follower.
October 23, 2011 6:46 PM

Okay, you better sit down for this one.   My dream is to go to Quilt Market and Festival in Houston.   If you are not quite as obsessive as I am about Quilt Market, this is where all the fabric companies, book publishers, and anyone in the business related to quilting go and showcase their products.

It is closed to the public.   Quilt shop owners and the like go and see what is new, order the hottest fabric lines etc.   It is the be all and end all of the quilt world.  Literally.   Some of Amanda's design team went this year.  Namely CandiceBrooke, Sally and Julie.

These girls were super friends before they went, but they have broken the 'amazing meter' by what they did while they were there.   This is where I should mention that a while ago, I was teasing them when they were making plans for market.   I told them if they ran into Pokey Bolton, the grand puba of 'Quilting Arts' magazine and so many other things, tell her I said hi.

Tonight when I opened my email, there was one from Sally with the subject line stating, 'Special for Jackie', upon opening the email was this picture:

That is Pokey on the left and Sally on the right and Julie taking the picture!!!   They went right up and met her and asked if they could have her picture for me!  Do I not have the best friends in the world?
I have no idea when I will get sleep again.    That is just so freakin' cool.   I could go on and on about this, but at some point you may get a little bored.  Feel free to email me privately if you would like me to continue gushing about the coolness of this event.

Do check back later this week.... just sayin.......


Kristen said...

I hope someday you and I get to go to Quilt dream also..and I almost got to go once, but then wasn't able. I need goals so I guess I'm not too disappointed it hasn't happened yet..and yes, you do have great friends! :)

sally from sally's angelworks said...

you are such a darling!!! What a fun post, girlie!!! thanks for the kudos! and you will be here soon!!!! :) hugs!!

Lynn said...

Jealous! I'd love to go too. Heck, I'd be happy just to get to go to the Festival after Market in Houston. Someday.

My Sweet Prairie said...

lol - that is awesome! Mostly I think I'm jealous of her and how she has the ENTIRE quilting arts market as her own empire! lol Right on Jackie. Write me and gush ANYTIME. : )

Snoodles said...

Oh my, That is my dream, too. I keep hoping that our web site will catch on, or we can offer it on CDs or something....if I made just maybe an eensy bit of money off of it maybe I could go?? Sigh. You can write me and I'll be happy to read and read and read.... :) Maybe some day I'll get to go, and then I'll see YOU there and get my picture made! Teehee!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...


Mama Pea said...

You crack me up! I'm so excited that Lynn won the giveaway. Awesome!

We are going in spring, and I'll go with you to hunt down Poky.