Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lola's Posies Broken Egg Quilt

It is hot!   What better way to celebrate the heat by looking at a totally fun summer quilt I made for Riley Blake Fabrics.   I used Lola's Posies and created this little masterpiece.   It was very fun and oh so cute.
For complete instructions, you can find it on Cutting Corners on the Riley Blake website.  Each egg is broken into 8 different pieces, and there are eggs in the top and bottom corners.   Go and check it out and feel free to leave a comment there=)
I have more exciting news to share, but a certain website is experiencing a glitch, so that will have to wait.

So let's smoosh some yucky news right in here.   Houston sent me a skinny email.   (translates to I didn't get into the biggest juried quilt show in the world..... again)   Realistically, I wasn't expecting to, and can't have too many good things happen at once, otherwise what would I strive for?   Insert a big LOL here.  

The best thing about hearing from Houston, is that they send their rejection letters by email.   So I hit 'delete' and pretended it never happened=)  Gotta love that 'delete' button.

Onto more good news, I read from one of my uber cool design team members that you can buy fabric at Ikea.   Coincidentally, I was in the neighbourhood of an Ikea store  a few days ago.   The fabric was amazing.  Now it is not a quilter's cotton, but more of a heavyweight cotton.   For bags or coats or table cloths.   And very inexpensive.   I will post pics of that later this week, but had to end on a good note.  Buying fabric is always a positive way to end a post!


Brooke said...

Love, love your quilt!! You go girl!
So very sorry about the rejection email - one day soon I imagine!!!
Fabric is always a good way to end a post - will be waiting to see what you bought!

Kristen said...

Don't let the rejection get you down...just think of what they are missing out by rejecting you...and when something not so good happens, usually 10 really good things are right behind it! Don't give up yet!

Jewel said...

Jackie, you are amazingly talented! I love that quilt. So adorable. Nevermind about the letter...what letter? Nevermind.... the people that know what's good know your good :)

Mama Pea said...

Very cool quilt! You are so creative! Never mind that Houston thing. You just keep on truckin' and it'll come your way. They're just not ready for you yet!