Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Piece of Me Attended Market

This past weekend was Quilt Market in Salt Lake City Utah.  This is where all the fabric companies and designers go and showcase their new products to vendors.   The booths are decorated to the hilt and are so fun to look at.

Reading through blogs that have attended market is my absolute favourite thing to do!  I have never attended a market, but it is definitely on my bucket list, right near the very top!

The darling Amanda, from the Quilted Fish, whom designs fabric and I am part of her Creative team, had a booth set up.  I just have to say it was fantastic!   She did a theme of the Mad Hatter Tea Party.

Candice over at Made With Love  allowed me to post one of her pics here.  She is also part of the Creative team that went to Market with Amanda.  Go and check out her blog for some more great pics of the booth.  While you are there, you really must check out her Coffee Tote Bags from real coffee sacks!  Seriously these are  awesome.

So, the super exciting part for me, was that Amanda asked her team to make something for market.  She is such a doll and loves showcasing us whenever she can!

I made a cute teacup and saucer out of her new line Sugar and Spice.

And ....(drumroll please)  here it is at a real market!  Something of mine at an actual quilt market. (insert me jumping up and down!)

Here is a close up of it, before I sent it to Amanda.

That is my excitement for the weekend.   


Candice @ Made With Love said...

Jackie- You are too cute and SO sweet. You can borrow my photos anytime!!! PS- Thanks so much for the shout-outs! :)

jlk said...

I felt excited about the same thing!

Linda said...

What fun! Cute cup Jackie.
You will be there some day too!

Anonymous said...

Love your tea cup! I went to check out the coffee bag totes - they are neat.... gotta save up and get one!
Jacque in SC

Mama Pea said...

So fun! I can't see mine in any photos, but it's small. I wish I could get brave enough to design something big.