Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3D Flowers

I have been being a little bit overboard making more 3D flowers using a cute method of gluing and slicing.   I have named this my scrap 'n' snip flower.   I even made some to match a quilt that I had just finished. But I can't post that yet.  These little guys are great for using up those long skinny ends of your fabric.

Here is a picture of two ties. Well they are not ties anymore, silly! But they each started off as a tie, until I got a hold of them. Then with some twisting and stitching it became a flower - 3D of course.

Would they not look whimsical on a little art quilt? Or you could stick them on your purse or even wear as a brooch! Does anyone own or make anything like that?

I have to design a giant art quilt and put all my 3D flowers on it!  That would be something, or maybe a little too much of something=)

Please give me a vote today, just hit the bright flower quilt on the right side bar, under the words 'Vote for Me'.  Thanks so much!


jlk said...

Those flowers are so cool! Your techniques are amazing.

Riel Nason said...

Those are very nice little flowers ... I'd put them on a little girl's headband! ;-)

gill said...

I love the flowers!
I've just voted for you!

Mama Pea said...

Love the flowers. Are you going to do a tutorial? I keep going in and voting for you every day I think of it!

Brooke said...

Oh my - sure wish we could get together and play!!! You have such amazing ideas!!! Love, love the flowers!

Anonymous said...

I love those flowers...they would look awesome in a group of three on a tote! I'm off to vote again! (You know what they used to say, "Vote early and often!"LOL But this time it's legal to vote each day!)
Jacque in SC