Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching Up

I had promised Karen a side shot of Whimsical Wonder.  She wanted to see the 3D aspect a little more clearly.  Here you are Karen.

My order from Etsy came in the other day.  The fabric is just so scrumptious.  Those candy canes, it looks like you could actually just stick your hand in and grab a bunch.  The cupcakes and ice cream cones are for my reusable snack bags for our little craft store.   I think kids will just love taking them to school.  I will make a few up as Christmas gifts too.

I do pattern testing for my friend Amanda. Click on her name and check out her blog.   It is fabulous.   As a thank you she sent me 12" squares of her whole new fabric line.... that was 21 different squares.  And they are gorgeous.  She also sent me 3 patterns as well.  


Karen said...

Thanks,Jackie! I love them...I need to give this a try.It looks really cool.

Linda said...

Glad to hear you are making more snack bags - they sell very well. And the new fabric really is delicious.

Sew Unique Creations said...

Whimsical Wonder - now that's cool!

C said...

Oh, oh, ohhhhh! I LOVE the cupcakes! Too cute!

I just ordered a pillow case dress on Etsy with cupcakes on it (for my friend's daughter). I then thought, "Hmmm...I could have made a pillow case dress since they're fairly easy to make" but it came with a bunch of handmade clips, bows, headbands, leggings, etc.

What other creations are you busy working on? I'd LOVE to see what you're up to! You must be very busy with the holidays upon us!