Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun Finds and FMQ

I am working away on my latest art quilt, there is so much free motion quilting on it, that it will be fun to look close up at.   I have finished the body of it, now I have to figure out how to do the sun with some fun ricrac and lace I picked up while in Toronto.  
I purposely left this wrinkled, so you can be astounded when I use it.  I was at our local church's rummage sale today and yesterday, finding some great treasures.  This little bird was $.10!   I belong to an online challenge group, and our first project is due November 1st.  I am thinking of using this little gem in it.  Below is a dress, well the top part of a dress.  No, I am not going to wear the dress.  But wow, can you see cutting those gorgeous beads out and putting them on a quilt? 
I also picked up a black trench coat.   When I was away, we wandered into this designer shop.  There was a trench coat with scraps of fabric and yarn couched and sewed onto it.  Now it was gorgeous, but the price tag said $450.    I think I can make one for cheaper.  So far my expenses are $2.00 for the coat.   Will keep you updated on the progress of that one. 

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