Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally Something New

The last two months I have been busy doing some other stuff and finally I was able to bring this back to the forefront.   I am ready to begin quilting my latest top.   I have a few more pins to put in, and then off it goes under the machine.   Do you pin your whole top, or baste it?  Please tell me what you do to secure the 3 layers for free motion quilting.   

I am going to try many different free motion designs and use a variety of colours.  That is my goal, anyway=)
This particular top has been hand dyed, stamped, fused and pieced.   I am pretty sure there is some couching going to take place after the quilting, and there is some very big 3D objects going on this art quilt near the end of the process. 

I know how I want it to look.  Mow I just have to quilt it and hope my vision in my brain, gets relayed down to my hands, and they have some clue as to what they are doing.  


Laura said...

I started using the fusible batting a while back and use it all the time now. You just iron the 3 layers together and don't have to baste at all. It works for me!

Lauren said...

I usually use a combination - quilt baste spray and pins. Have fun! Getting it from the vision to the fabric is a real challenge.