Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3D Flower

I have been busy in my studio, most of the day in there. I am producing alot and the creative juices are flowing!

This is a 3D double flower.

In other great news, I am getting a new sewing table. One where my machine sits down in the table. It is being custom built. I have someone working on the layout of my studio to see if I have it set up to use the space most efficiently. I am really looking forward to that.

If anyone has any studio setup tips, please send them along!


Feltsey said...

My only tip would be to make sure your new table is tall enough. I bought new tables for my machine and serger from Koala. I love them, but I wish I had gotten the 3 inches of extra height. I am almost 5'7"--not quite "tall," but tall enough to feel the bend in my back when I am cutting!

Linda said...

Good to have a space for a side table coming out 90 from your sewing table to support the weight of a quilt as you are quilting it. The level of the table should be so that your arms are 90 also- neither arms up or down.