Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blue Quilt

I don't have a name for this quilt yet, as is often the case when I make my quilts. Names come part way through, or sometimes at the end, never at the beginning.

I have done two thirds of the quilting on the fabric that I painted last week. I am enjoying the quilting more and more. I used to only like making the quilt tops and dread the quilting of it. Now both are enjoyable experiences. I have learned that I don't like quilting really big quilts. They are so difficult to get under my machine and manipulate, that I end up feeling frustrated the whole time.

This one is small, and very fun. I am using some heavier variegated threads, something I haven't done before either.


Christine said...

I love the is the best colour.

Anonymous said...

Your little circles are great. MT

C said...

I was just at your blog, but had to come back because this blue quilt keeps drawing me back. I am IN LOVE with it! The different shades of blues are so stunning. My fave colour is cerulean!