Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Painting, Stamping and Resist

This is my very first attempt at painting fabric. I even tried ironing freezer paper on and painting over that to create a resist... it didn't work that great as my paint was too thin so it leaked under the paper. You can see my stamping through the middle of the fabric.

I have signed up for a course at quilt university on using thickened dyes to do this kind of work. I am excited to learn that, as well I have a book by Melanie Testa that describes this kind of technique.

Last night I went to the city with 2 other ladies from my guild and gave a trunk show to the Sudbury Quilt and Stitchery Guild. They were the nicest, most supportive quilters I have met. They loved the fact that I work outside the box, which was very refreshing.

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