Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Thread Painting

I sat down today and did some experimenting with some heavier threads. I have never used the 100% cotton threads and was nervous about thread breakage. But I put in my metallic needle and had great success.

This piece is about 10 x 10, and I just wanted to get more practice. You can see in the outline of the butterfly, I did some bobbin work. I wound some embroidery floss around the bobbin, turned the project upside down, and outlined the butterfly.

I am enjoying the thread painting and plan to use it on my next art quilt.

1 comment:

C said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Your work is always so beautiful, Jackie!

BTW, I got the measurements for my laptop for you. It's 32.5 cm x 22.5 cm (and 2.5 cm in thickness). Does that make any sense? LOL! Sorry! Anyway, absolutely no rush on the laptop sleeve! I'm just excited to be buying an original piece made by you! LOL! XOXOX