Thursday, January 29, 2009


After talking to my dear friend Denise in BC, I realized that I had never posted or even taken a picture of my couch quilt. It is made with all Australian fabric. Although I have never been, friends have and a lovely quilt store in Chase, BC owned by Dianne Janssen carried a great selection of this fabric.

It is a pattern called Tiddly Winks and very fun to do, as it allows for a lot of creativity.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold and Cold

It is -20 out today and totally cold and I have a cold. We still managed to go out twice today, once to walk to the lake and then so my oldest could ride his skidoo. Despite being totally wiped I did manage to do a bit of quilting. Tomorrow, hot soup is on the menu.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quilt Artist

A great day, a quick trip to Espanola, with the family. It was sooo cold today, so couldn't play outside, so played inside. Found a couple things we needed, returned a Christmas present and took the kids to the Dollar store and of course, McDonald's.
This of course has nothing in common with my title. Here we go. I spent 2 hours this morning quilting my top in free motion and am somewhat pleased with it. Then I learned more about pictures on the internet and blogging and how great quilt artists are.
After spending some time surfing for quilt artists, I found some great sites and an amazing artist who definitely beats to her own drum. Her work is unique, clean lines and completely original and I love her work. Her name is Jill Rumoshoksy Werner.
Her site is:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Black is Back

I have started quilting my background by using freehand motion. It is going okay. I am trying to use several different patterns to give a 'jungle' look to it. For some reason, whenever I do art quilts, I use a black background. I have started using my own hand dyed fabric for it. I think I never want to use white or offwhite, because I feel that the colours show up so much more on black. One of these days, I must try using something other than black.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leaves times 2

After suffering a migraine quilting on black at nite trying to follow my faint chalk lines, I was able to finish it today, yes while my boys watched 40 minutes of tv=)

Now I just have to fill in all my lines and the background is done. I am quite excited by this one. Pictured here are my 3D leaves.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold and Snowy

You have to love it, when by 9 am, you find yourself immersed in cookie dough, icing and sprinkles. It was too cold to take the kids outside and my oldest really wanted to make cookies like the ones in a book he had, so we made shortbread cookies. And I hate making that kind, as I can never get the right consistency so they dont' crumble. This time was only successful because I added milk and they are 5/8" thick. But the boys had a great time and I ate way too many yesterday (9) but who is counting!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am working on my 2nd quilt using my heatable 'batting' . I have got the flowers, leaves and spirals all done. I spent yesterday working a bit on the top and now need to quilt the top. I am unsure yet if I will do a picot edge. I would like to as it is a requirement for the President Challenge for our guild, but am not sure if this type of edging is suitable for my quilt. I will probably end up taking a picture and sending it to a couple of people I consider 'fabulous quilters' for their opinion.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I seem to be stuck on pink these days. I am dyeing pink fabric, just finished a totally pink quilt, have an art quilt on the go with pink in it and am focusing on that colour when I design. It is not a colour I wear often, although at this moment I am in a pink sweater.

But I didn't grow up favouring pink, nor do I really now. But for some reason when I quilt, I lean towards pink. Maybe cause I am not really a 'girlie girl', no makeup, not fancy clothes, no high heel shoes, that my feminine side has to come through somewhere, so it shows up in pink quilts. We shall see how long this lasts.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Long Wait

Sigh, sigh, and triple sigh. If you can't do it yourself, don't expect others too. And always, always do your homework. This quilt is going on it's 3rd year in the making. It has seen the best and worst of me, and currently is testing me, beyond what I thought quilting should be testing me=) As one quilter told me, "you have perseverance". Or maybe I don't know when to quit. Regardless, I am going to see this one through. My goal is to have it done by January 2010.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Flower

Done and hanging. I am pleased with the outcome. It used all my own hand dyed fabric and was my first time using a heatable middle layer instead of batting. It holds the shape and provides a 3D effect. I shipped the CD off to the jury committee of the National Juried Show for CQA so will see what that brings. It is different, but maybe too different for CQA.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hockey After 3 weeks

Cold and stormy and leaving my toasty house to go to the arena for a second time tonite. For my me time, hardly seemed worth it, till I got there and what a fun nite. I guess lots had some New Year's resolutions of shedding pounds or getting in shape as it was the best turnout we have had all season. And fun, and what a workout. It is nice to feel you are improving, even if it is slower than you want. I just started hockey 3 years ago and am getting better. Unfortunately my sport is swimming and no one does it around here, so I can't be the confident athlete in that department. I have to be the 'last one on the team to get picked' athlete. But thankfully , it is a good group of girls and no one makes you feel like you are holding up the game=)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


It is snowing and warm outside. The family will go sledding as soon as the boys get back from the inlaws. A wonderful start to the New year. Let's hope and pray for peace and happiness and health the whole year through.