Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hockey After 3 weeks

Cold and stormy and leaving my toasty house to go to the arena for a second time tonite. For my me time, hardly seemed worth it, till I got there and what a fun nite. I guess lots had some New Year's resolutions of shedding pounds or getting in shape as it was the best turnout we have had all season. And fun, and what a workout. It is nice to feel you are improving, even if it is slower than you want. I just started hockey 3 years ago and am getting better. Unfortunately my sport is swimming and no one does it around here, so I can't be the confident athlete in that department. I have to be the 'last one on the team to get picked' athlete. But thankfully , it is a good group of girls and no one makes you feel like you are holding up the game=)


Shiny Green Penny said...

Jackie is being too modest! After starting out as a non-skater, she has improved so much!! And, by the way, she has become a real goon out there on the ice. Don't get in her way, as she will just knock you down, take the puck, and skate over you LOL

mother of 5 said...

I believe it Shiny Green Penny!