Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great Quilters and their Websites

In our last guild newsletter, there were a number of quilt websites that the editor had asked us to review. I took the time to look them up, as I am always intrigued by what others have to offer. And yes, I do always look at their resume to see if they have had quilts accepted into IQA Houston and Quilt National.

I have listed my favourite picks out of the list and invite you to take a look at some of them: This woman is fantastic, what she can do with stripes , squares and dots… it is worth looking at just for ideas, and her handle on colour gradations is fabulous. If you want to see a woman who can take a line and bring it to the extreme in quilting, this is the site for you. here is a quilter that can take thousands of 1” squares and arrange them into such a wonderful colour mosaic, it leaves you stunned. still life, and abstract work are the predominant characteristics of this artist. The work is subdued, quiet like but good, judging by the bio, this quilter has done very very well. can do people art fantastic, and so many you may have seen her work, she does caricature of a woman doing all sorts of crazy things… it is like looking at a cartoon clip in the form of a quilt. Sue Benner is phenomenal. Those that follow quilt competitions know that the most elite competition in the world is Quilt National. It is held every 2 years. And Sue Benner has made it in 7 times. Her work is unusual, changing and has an incredible depth to it. Her colours are fantastic.

I also think is a good site to check out. I don’t particularily care for her type of quilting, but it is good and if you think you can’t cram stuff into a quilt, think again. How she can jampack so many ‘items’ into a quilt and still make it look great, is mindboggling. Her work is nothing short of interesting. If there is a woman who has a similar interest in 3D art quilting like myself , then this is her. Of course she is well known, well travelled and won several competitions, but barring that, we have similar interests=) You absolutely have to check out her site if only to look at her home page. I am not even going to say what it is, but it is absolutely nothing you could ever imagine would be considered ‘quilting’. This woman is a great quilt artist and has the vision to take quilting to the next level, and leave the flat surface that has stagnated quilting for so long. ( only the opinion of me, of course=)

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