Sunday, September 27, 2009

Please Vote for Me

I entered a quilt contest, now need your help to vote for my quilt. It closes on October 4th. Here is the link for it.

Now scroll down till you see 'vote now'. click on that, then it takes you to another page and scroll down and you will see 'large quilts', keep scrolling till you see 'small quilts', then right under that title is a quilt called '3D Flower', pls click and vote for that one. Thank you.


C said...

I voted!! Your quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Hey, if you EVER feel the need to go without a quilt, I'd be willing to do you the favour of finding a home for it in my house! LOL! Just sayin'! ;) xoxo

Hope your Thanksgiving was a fabulous one! I am sooooooo sick of turkey! Can I just say: turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, turkey wraps, turkey casseroles, gahhhhhhh! LOL! Repeat again in December for Christmas! *sigh* :)

Anonymous said...