Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Trench Coat and a Top

Here are my latest acquisitions to my closet. The trench coat took by far the most time. There were alot of firsts here. First time with pockets on a coat, first time doing a coat, first time doing buttons on a machine, following instructions. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The material is drapery material and the buttons were from a yard sale. It is a Jalie pattern. The whole thing cost $35.
Plus my time. I love my coat and plan to wear it alot this fall.

The shirt is also a Jalie pattern. I am not quite as thrilled with it. I now realize that I don't like the double thickness of fabric at the front from the 2 panels crossing over. I have enough thickness of my own, I don't need my clothes helping me=) I also found it difficult to sew the 2 panels together without getting puckers. I had to pin it on me and even then ended up ripping out stitches.
One problem that was entirely my fault was that it called for a knit. My fabric only had a one way stretch, and I didn't allow for that when I cut the pattern out.
My next top is a different pattern and the fabric has a one way stretch but I think I have it figured out. I can't wait to post that as the fabric is so retro, you will think you are back in the 70's. Regardless, I do still like this crossover top and will get lots of wear out of it this fall/winter.

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