Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here is my first attempt at making sushi. I am the one who heads right to the big grocery store and buys sushi, whenever I hit a large city. I love Sushi!

A friend of mine knows how to make it, so I went over and took a lesson. Also managed to snag a meal out of it too. This one is a vegetarian roll.

Yum, yum!


Lauren said...

Love the trench coat!

C said...

That is awesome! My aunt made sushi for Little One's baptism! You should have come over...there was sooooo much food!

BTW, I'm a big fan of sushi too! I taught in Japan for two years and when I lived in Toronto, I'd frequent all the Japanese restaurants. I miss Japanese food! We should have a sushi party sometime! LOL! As if we have time, eh? ;)