Sunday, July 26, 2009

Space Shuttle Endeavour

I just had to post and tell you the exciting news above Manitoulin Island on Sunday nite. My husband had just popped in to his parents and called me and told me to get the cordless phone and go outside.
I grab the phone and dash outside. He tells me to look south into the sky and I should see the space shuttle. I must add at this point, that I have no sense of direction, navigation or geographical skills whatsoever.
I don't see it so he continues on explaining where I should be looking. I figure I am on the wrong side of the house so run around in the dark to the other side, then realize, no, that is not what he is saying. Then run back to where I started and finally I see a white dot in the sky, the space shuttle Endeavour.

At this point don't even bother to ask me where it came from, or how it ended up so I could see it, as I have no idea. We chat for another minute in awe of it and disconnect.

Then I have a brainwave that I should get this on camera to post on my blog. So continuing to look at it I make my way backwards towards the house. No I don't fall, I am not that much of a klutz. Now keep in mind I am very excited and decide I should run into the house as there is an excellent chance I can't find it in the sky when I come back. As I am running to the patio door, I think how fortunate that I left the screen door open so I don't have to take the time to open it to get the camera.


That is the sound of the phone hitting the deck as I ran really hard right into the screen door. I actually bounced backwards.

I did continue on and get the picture, although it didn't turn out. And now my screen door doesn't really slide open and closed.. . so if anyone would like to come over in the next day or two and pretend they broke it so I can send the blame elsewhere when my husband notices, that would be really appreciated. Now I have to go and ice the scrape on my nose, cheek and knee.

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