Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amy Butler contest

Fabulous fabric designer Amy Butler has a contest on right now. Using a specific line of her fabric, you have to create something. My niece was up for the past two weeks and her birthday is in October. Her mom said she would love a belt, so I killed two birds with one stone and made her a belt out of the Amy Butler fabric.

Just to make you all laugh, I have been searching for ric rac lately, kind of like my button fettish. My button drawer is quite full now, I even had someone, a dear friend, deliver me a box of fabulous buttons. And I spent some time last weekend sorting them by colour. But I digress, I haven't been having much luck finding ric rac at a good price. But after some investigative internet searching I found a batch of it at a very good price. Here is where you may let out a giggle, when I say batch of it, I mean a good chunk of assorted colours, and by good chunk I mean 75 yards of it. Yes, that previous sentenc is correct, 75 yards. So you should see some art quilts coming out of here with ric rac, if not, I will just sew it all into a big dress and give it as a birthday gift to the next friend whose birthday is coming up!