Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cover Up contest

I just found out that there is an online contest for a beach cover up and it closes in the next day. I had made a plain one out of some old leftover knit my mom had a couple of weeks ago, so I dug that out. I then looked around my studio and found some left over prairie points. I added them to the bottom and sleeve cuffs. Then I scrounged for some fabric and made teeny tiny prairie points for the neckline and waist. I attached them using the newest wonder. It is sooo much better than bias tape. It is called FOE and was originally designed for making your own diapers. It stands for fold over elastic as it has a crease right in the center for folding. It is stretchy and doesn't fray. I had ordered some a while ago to have on hand and it worked just perfect and so easy to use.

This is what my cover up turned out like. The winner receives a new Singer sewing machine... so you see why I had to enter. It was alot of pressure as I didn't have time to design anything. I started at 9 pm last nite and finished just before midnite. It was definitely done on impulse with no planning. The 3 runner ups all receive a dress form from Singer. There are some good entries, but I had fun doing it.


Anonymous said...

Woa! If only we all had such hats to dig out of our tickle trunks.

C said...

What a cool contest! Best of luck! Hope you win! :) xo