Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Cakes

I finished all three birthday cakes today for the triplets. The horse one is for one of the girls, and the dump truck is supposed to have 'dirt' in the back of it. I did this by starting with chocolate cake, then smearing thick chocolate icing, followed by broken chocolate cookies with gummy worms peeking through. Of course it is for the boy in the family.

The flower cupcakes is for the other girl who loves all types of flowers. It was definitely the most time consuming as each petal was cut and dipped into sprinkles. The licorice strings area all gathered at the bottom and tied together with a lace bow.

If you live nearby and want a cake made for a special occasion, give me a call!

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C said...

TRIPLETS!!! WOW!!! We have two sets of twins in the family this year. All were born shortly after Little One. I actually thought I was carrying twins too. Thank goodness I wasn't since she was born 12 weeks early!!! Imagine being in the NICU with multiples? One was hard enough :(

Anyway, gorgeous cakes!! :)