Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Purse #2

I finished up 4 purses last nite. I had been waiting on the magnetic snap closures to come in the mail and they arrived. I will post a few of them. I am now onto coffee cuffs. My art quilt is taking a back seat for 2 weeks while I try and do some other sewing.
Thank you to all who left such witty and helpful comments. Now here is another question, as some of you really seem to excel at answering them. What would you think would sell at a farmer's market on the island?


Anonymous said...

eggs...people like fresh eggs :P

Anonymous said...

I really, honestly, truely, actually like the last one. Good job!
I agree with the eggs too. Too bad about your chicken by-law you could have been a millionaire and taken a holiday...well deserved of course!