Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fabric and Running and Driving and Life

I have been exhausted all day today, like a fog is over me. Too much going on. Gram went into the hospital last Thursday and it was a bit touchy, but she seems to be rallying back to her normal spirits. But that has meant trips up to the hospital.

Took the kids to Sudbury yesterday, and they were as good as gold. There is a certain big box store that starts with a 'W', that is cutting way back on their fabric and they had batiks on for $3 a metre, so that was a good score!

Ran again today, just a short one. Have one more short run on Friday then off to Sudbury for the race Sunday morning.

Saturday morning is the first soccer game for my kids. Did I mention that I have never played and I am coaching 11 kids. 2 are my own, so we were out practicing today in the yard. They have never played either. The only way I could guarantee they were on the same team is to volunteer to help, they were obviously desparate for coaches! But since then, I have received a manual from a friend on soccer for kids, sent various emails out and am feeling somewhat confident of what to do. Plus the kids are supposed to be in Senior Kindergarten to play. My oldest is in JK, and my youngest is still only 3. Don't tell.

Hopefully it will be nice out and we can bike, play baseball and soccer. They start baseball in 2 weeks as well. And I didn't lie about their age this time! But I can't find their gloves anywhere and I have turned my house upside down.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you would put your kids in underage to play soccer...and possibly fib about their birth dates! :P

Anonymous said...

i have lots of experience coaching and playing soccer if you need any info! But trust me, at that age you won't need to know too much!
lisa :)