Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waiting Game

I am so not good at waiting. I am waiting for 2 answers this week. And my stomach feels as explosive as that fabric looks. Although it is a beautiful fabric isn't it? I am waiting to hear from CQA about my entry into the National Juried Show and I am waiting to find out if my friend will go to the provincial swim meet.

In reality, having a no to both is not a big deal. I still get some great feedback from CQA as to why my quilt wasn't accepted, and I don't have to figure out how to mail it. And not going to provincials means there is no guilt for lack of training and I am at home with my kids.

So in retrospect it is really a good thing either way..... but it is still exciting waiting.... I guess.

1 comment:

Shiny Green Penny said...

Not going to provincials will give you that much for time to train for your upcoming half-marathon!!!!!!!!!!!