Thursday, February 19, 2009

Keeping the Mind Alert

Have you noticed how kids don't miss a thing? Can remember stuff you didn't even know happened? I took a picture of their stack of puzzles that they like to do on a daily basis. I would think that this past time is a good tool for mental development in so many ways. I wish I had some good tools for mental development some days-)

Our guild meeting went very well, a physiotherapist friend did a talk on the ergonomics of quilting and I learned quite a lot and she was very well received.

I am sooo close to being done my president's challenge that I can hardly stand it.

I received my first no yesterday, my friend is unable to go to provincials, so I will not go either. And my second no should arrive by mail tomorrow. But on the upside I have been surfing out some running events around and may try and compete in some 5 km races.

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