Friday, July 20, 2018

How to Use Social Media Graphics For Quilters

I think we know that for a quilter, a picture is worth a thousand words!
As a quilter on social media, we want our pictures to convey what we are doing, what we want the post to say and most of all, we want it to engage our viewer.

But not all the time do we have a picture in our gallery or repetoire of photos to use. But we do have a message we want to get out there to our readers. What can you as a quilter do?

Use some great tools to find free images and other tools to design a graphic that will work for you!

When sourcing out images, I stick to the free ones that are copyright free, so I don't have to worry about anything.

Here are some good places I go to get images for my social media at no cost:

Pexels allows for the images to be used for commercial and non commercial use. They have a good search tool and an extensive gallery.

Unsplash is one I have just started using and am impressed with it. It has collections you can look through or use their search tool to find something specific. It also allows for use for commercial and non commercial use for free and no credit has to be given back.


Enhance app logo

Enhance is super for several reasons, not only does it have a great search engine, but it is an app I have on my phone so I can do posts on the go. It is free and you just download it from the app store. 

Excellent search engine for copyright free images on Enhance.

The key components of Enhance are:

1. Searching  is excellent and fast.
2. I can edit with borders, filters, and text quickly and easily.
3. As each social media platform works with different sizes for their images, Enhance let's you choose which platform you are working with and helps you crop that image to fit that platform!
4. Sharing, when your image is done with your edits, you can share it right to facebook, twitter, Instagram or schedule it for hootsuite right within the app. Or simply save your image for later.

Editing Images

Once you have your image, it is sometimes not quite what you want. You may want to edit it by cropping a part out, enlarge it, put it on a background or add text to it. The two sources I go to are Enhance and Canva.   I will be honest, I seem to be spending most of my time either on Enhance or Canva. Both are free.

I like Canva because it also has images to draw from but has backgrounds, text, shapes and alot of flexibility. Canva, like Enhance also lets me pick what type of post I am creating so the image fits the social media platform.

A sample of what you can create on Canva.

When I am on my phone, it is simpler for me to use Enhance to get my image done quickly and efficiently.

What is your favourite tool for creating graphics?

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