Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

What a year 2015 was! Ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and hopes and now it is over.

After much pondering I decided to write a blunt honest post about 2015, and how my creativity was impacted this past year.

I learned alot this year, more than sometimes I wanted to. I learned that there are some very very shall we say unpleasant people out there that I didn't know existed. That was the learning part of the year=) Thankfully once my eyes got opened I moved on and left them behind.

I discovered some amazing friends this past year. I had the privilege of working with the most incredible team of women I have ever worked with and was sad to see it end. I know that we will still stay in touch and am so fortunate to know what it is like to be on a committee of dedicated, funny and talented people that can work their butts off, agree to disagree and still be friends at the end of the day. That is something I will cherish forever.

I realized that I can't do everything. There simply isn't enough hours in the day, and I must prioritize.
And I am working away at that. I have already removed some things off my plate and will continue to do so.

I went back to school, online school that is=) I am thoroughly enjoying it as I pursue another avenue of education that I know will help me with career.

I quilted. Maybe not as much as I wanted or could have, but I still did it. And I loved it. My plan for 2016 is to be a bit more scheduled, in the sense to get in and play. To not worry if I am making a masterpiece, but to just make.

I was published several times in 2015 and still get so excited over that.
One of my paths has led me to meet some wonderful people in the quilting industry that is so much fun getting to know them and learning more about this wonderful craft.

To end the year, I was given the opportunity to chat about how it all happens... at my sewing machine of course! You can read about it here.

I haven't quite got all my resolutions ironed out, but am working on that!

Happy New Year!


Kate said...

Onward and upward, Jackie - you go, girl! I was saddened to read that you had encountered the nasties out there - try not to take their comments to heart since they are just unhappy. Have a great year.

Eileen Gidman said...

Jackie, I enjoy your posts having met you at Quilt Canada. Way to go, thinking forward by taking some (online) education. It can help one forget the unpleasantness that does happen in life.

Lauren M. said...

Hope 2016 is just what your life needs! I agree with Kate, but it's hard to do sometimes! I couldn't find the post, but you were talking about types of quilts and I hope someone wrote in 'wholecloth'!
Take care of your time - I've been looking at