Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Leprechauns and a New Quilt

The leprechauns have extended their stay, which is virtually unheard of in leprechaun land, but they asked the head leprechaun Patrick, and he has granted special permission.

In other news, I have been working and finished my quilt for the Canadian Quilters' Association's biggest fundraiser.
This is where we get five fat quarters and have to turn them into a small wall hanging. The theme for the conference is 'Blowing in the Wind'.
I need to confess though, when I decided to make it, I had completely forgotten about the theme=)

I started with a sketch of a tree. I sewed strips of 2 1/2" fabric together and laid the pattern on it and moved it around till I was pleased with the layout. Then cut it out.

I then threadpainted the tree using colours that matched each section and for the yellow extended the branches out further. The bottom was several collections of browns and greens to create the roots of the tree. 

I then quilted it in matching colours to the background and added the binding.
I still wasn't happy with it, so I added buttons that matched the different colours of the tree.

What do you think?