Friday, November 28, 2014

Binding Stage

I am putting the binding on my quilt.  I love this stage. It signifies that the end is in sight and after hours of work, I will finally have a finished product. Right after the sleeve goes on=)

What I always have trouble on is squaring it up and getting it to hang flat. I use my special 90 degree steel ruler that carpenters use, but still can't get it quite perfect.

I try very hard not to pull the binding too tight so the corners don't curl, and so it hangs without ripples.

This is the best binding tutorial I have ever seen!


Kate said...

Your quilt is beautiful, Jackie, and I like that you used all the colours in your binding - very creative!

Rolanda said...

Why does that binding method never work for me. I always foul it up. I love your quilt though. All that really hard to do machine quilting... :)

Janet said...

Gorgeous colours in your quilt. That is how I do my binding and it always works for me.