Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A New Circle Quilt

As you know my love of circles is still going strong. While I was away I picked up even more fabric with dots and circles on it. I really need to start using it up=)

I spent the weekend making templates, auditioning fabric, playing in EQ7 and finally came up with this design.

In the wide open spaces on either side I am going to try and free motion stitch a phantom circle in there.  I am still trying to decide what colour to use.  I plan to stitch over all the circles with a multitude of colours but want the fmq circles to recede into the background a bit.   I am leaning towards a grey or a black. I think white may be a bit too stark.  Any ideas?


Gene Black said...

I would think a gray would work well. I would audition it on the surface of the fabric first. Maybe even do a sample if you have some spare fabric.

Eileen said...

If you want the free motion stitched circles to remain in the background, I would think keeping the thread value the same or similar to the background would achieve that.

Jo Ferguson said...

I agree with Eileen about the background thread. If I wanted the background to recede I would try doing trapunto, with a very thin batting, behind the circles. It would bring the circles forward, and recess the background, even more.

Rolanda said...

I would do the "phantoms" in a thread that matches the background very closely but then again what do I know..... ;)