Monday, May 12, 2014

Home and Gone

I just got back from doing two lectures and a workshop on my 3D flowers in southern Ontario.  2 fantastic guilds and alot of fun and learning.

I spent the weekend, after my boys were in bed, doing  a last minute cram of designing, starting and finishing 3 projects to meet a deadline.  Here are 2 of them.

The one on the bottom, looks a bit plain, but when you fold it up in a certain pattern, you get a crown!

I found this wonderfully easy and fun tutorial to make fabric twine from scraps.   Go and check it out, it is terrific.

I am off to quilt market and can hardly wait.  Will have lots of pics to show you when I get back!


Rolanda said...

Making fabric twine looks like hard My poor old hands are definitely not up to that. Looks interesting though...I bet it would make a nice embellishment.

Jo Ferguson said...

I would love to be in one of your workshops. I know it would be wonderful, colourful, fun. Thanks for the link to making twine. It looks like fun. I've added it to my never ending "list".